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It's official!

Here is the schedule for the 54th meeting in 2021 in Isle-aux-Coudres on September 11 and 12, 2021.

Please read it and make your choices if you plan to participate. It will also be published in the next issue of "HOUALLET".

Prices are approximate but close to reality. They will be formalized soon and will be communicated to you.

A menu will be offered to you in the next few days for the "Dinner Show" event and you will have to make a choice. There will be a show during the meal, for dessert. A storyteller will come and share with us the legends, tales and stories of Isle-aux-Coudres. The dinner will be held at L'auberge La Fascine run by Geniève Jodoin, singer and winner of "La Voix 2 years ago.

A "Guided Tour" is also on the schedule. We will follow each other by car to go to different places of the IAC (museum, Cider house, Bakery, historic site, mill, etc.) where a guide will be waiting for us.

The "Extra Sunday". A free activity for those who would like to leave Isle on Monday morning or the same evening, in order to prolong the pleasure. It will be a picnic on the banks of the Isle to watch the sunset over the Charlevoix mountains, a magical moment to have experienced it on several occasions. A "Lunch box" will be prepared for those who plan to participate.


I won't say this often enough, you need to book your accommodation as soon as possible.

There are certainly among you who have motorhomes or trailers, there are 2 campsites on the IAC.

The ferry is free to get to the IAC but very busy. I recommend that you take it on Friday evening or Saturday morning first hour and again there may be a wait. The same goes for the departure from Isle on Sunday afternoon until the very busy supper, it will be preferable to take it in the evening or the next morning.

The sooner we receive your registrations you will find yourself making the organization of this "Meeting" easier. It's been 2 years since we met and we expect the participation to be a little more participatory and so much the better. L'Isle-aux-Coudres is the place by excellence with its 23 kilometers of happiness, calm and history. Bathed by the St. Lawrence River, sunrise and sunset, Charlevoix mountains. L'Isle-aux-Coudres is at the forefront for a well-deserved "MEETING".

We are expecting you in large numbers.

Michel Plouffe

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