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We are very excited about our next annual meeting which will be held September 9 - 10 , 2017 in the beautiful city of Sherbrooke, Québec.  This is a wonderful occasion to meet your cousins and to learn about  your ancestors as well as share your history with us.  You will be surprised by the number of new friends (cousins) you will meet.  Every year, our annual meeting, is a very special moment where the Ouellet-te's of America can get together to share stories, become friends and simply have a good time.

I would ask you to take a moment to think about the pioneers of our Association who, 50 years ago, came up with the idea to create an opportunity for all the Ouellet-te's of America to come together and show pride in their heritage and learn about their ancestors.  Our annual meeting is a great chance for all of you to join with us and celebrate not only these pioneers but your ancestors as well.  We need your help and your involvement to help keep our Association alive and to spread the word to all other Ouellet-te's.

This being said, we would love to see a great turnout at our annual meeting this year in Sherbrooke, Québec so we can share some memorable moments together, visit some very interesting sites in the Sherbrooke area, share a meal together and listen to an informative presentation on the first Ouellet-te's to arrive in the Sherbrook area.

On  Sunday, September 10th, we will also hold our general assembly and elect new members to our administrative committee.  If you wish to become involved in our Association, we urge you to join us and submit your name to become a member of our committee, everyone is welcome.

Roger Ouellet, President (member #2730)

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