President's Word - Association des Ouellet-te d'Amérique

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Dear Cousins :

After such a long and arduous winter it is heartwarming to see milder temperatures and longer days and it is also that time of the year when we start preparing for our annual meeting. This year will be our 53rd annual meeting and it will be held in Sorel-Tracy, the 7-8th of September, 2019. These meetings are a chance for us to meet and mingle with members of our Association – new and old members alike. The agenda for this meeting is included in this copy of our newsletter.

The goal of our Association is to contact and assemble the greatest number of members possible and help them create new friendships and meet cousins from all over the world.  We have greater tools with which we can accomplish this than our ancestors had, for example the internet.  This tool should help us reach so many Ouellet-te's but, so far, we have seen very little additions to our member list.  We have gotten only a few new members.  We must ask ourselves this question – why do our members not renew?- is it that our newsletter is not interesting enough?  Is it because we have access so freely on the internet to various sites which allows people to find their own family ancestors. We would love to have your opinion on this subject and any suggestions you may have to offer.  We are not the only Association to have this problem and finding a solution would help us all continue to grow and provide interesting information on our ancestry.

In this issue of our newsletter, in the section important notes, there is a list of members by inscription number who have not as yet paid to renew their subscription, please take the time to see if your number is on this page and , if so, please renew your membership.  Doing so will help us save unnecessary costs related to printing and mailing renewal notices.

We hope to see you in great number at this year's annual meeting in Sorel-Tracy.

 Roger Ouellet, (Member # 2730)
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