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Dear Ouellet-te, Ouillet, Ouellon, Willette, Willard and all other related members of our Association.

It has been a very hard year.  We have lost a few of our members due to the pandemic, but we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel with the arrival of the vaccines.  But, please until we have this virus under control, continue to be safe and follow the safety guidelines.

You must all be wondering if we will be able to hold our annual meeting at Ile-aux Coudres this September (which was cancelled last year due to the virus outbreak and confinement).  I have been in contact with the organizer of this meeting, Mr. Michel Plouffe, and I have asked him for his opinion on the possibility of  being able to hold our event this year.

Here is his reply :  ''The majority of our members, non-members, wives and husbands should be vaccinated by September.  Of course, we must wait to see what the rules and regulations will be by then as set out by the Government of Québec.  I do not see any problem with the visiting tours as we can respect the social distance required but it is another thing to organize the meals (the Saturday night dinner and the Sunday brunch).  The hotels, motels and inns should be open and able to receive guests, while respecting any required regulations.  I would, however, suggest that the members make their reservations very early as the amount of space in limited and we can expect there will be alot of tourists this summer.  We can start planning this event but we must remember that we are still uncertain as to what restraints will be in place at the time.  There will also be a certain amount of fear and anxiety that will still be a part of our lives with regard to COVID-19.''

Michel feels that it would be a very welcome event and one that will bring great levity to all of us after this long year.  He will contact the Ile -aux-Coudres tourist bureau in the next few weeks to obtain more information.  We will continue to follow the pandemic and the guidelines from the Québec government.  Our administrative counsel will make a decision before the printing of our June issue of the Houellet Review.

All the information regarding the 2021 assembly (hotels, inns etc) are the same as those we had printed in our Houellet Review last spring.

I ,and all of the administrative counsel,  wish you and your family a wonderful spring, a Happy Easter and hope that we can all meet again in September.

 Roger Ouellet, (Member # 2730)
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