President's Word - Association des Ouellet-te d'Amérique

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Greetings cousins Ouellet-te, Ouillet, Ouellon, Willette, Willard and all other members of our great family and its' ancestors.

We have just experienced a very difficult year – at this date last year we never imagined that the road back to a normal way of life would be so long and so hard physically and emotionally.  Even though we now have vaccins and a major part of our population will have eventually received their two doses, we must remain vigilant.

After a consultation with the administrative counsel and the organizer of our general meeting, Mr. Michel Plouffe, we have decided to hold our 54th General Assembly on September 11th and 12th, 2021 on l'ïle-aux-Coudres. All the pertinent information is included in the this issue of our review and will also be on our website and our Facebook page.

Last year,  our administrative counsel had decided and accepted the extension of their mandates for another year, therefore, all of our administrative positions will be up for election this year, even numbers will be elected for one year and odd numbers for two years.  Last year, I also suggested that it would be refreshing to add new people to our counsel and invited all the members to think about joining us.  Only one person has responded.  I am, once again, reaching out to you, would you like to become an administrator on our counsel?.  Being an administrator consists of two meetings per year which are held via Zoom so there is no need to travel.  Each administrator brings to our table his or her particular expertise and, in so doing, helps us to maintain a healthy and growing Association.  If  a member is interested, he or she can count on our support.

We have included an application for candidates in this issue of our review.  If you are interested simply fill in the application and mail or email it to us.  Even if you cannot attend the annual meeting in September, you will still be considered for election.  If you would like to have more information, please de not hestitate to contact me or any other member of our counsel for help.  Our names, emails and telephone numbers are listed on the last page of the review.

The president of the Association is elected for a four year mandate, but because of the pandemic, I accepted to stay on for another year.  Therefore, we will also be electing a new president in September but I will gladly continue on as an administrator,  if needed.

I wish you all the very best in the upcoming months, especially health and serenity.  In the hope of meeting with a great number of you at our meeting this September on l'île-aux-Coudres.

 Roger Ouellet, (Member # 2730)
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