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President's Report

Overall we had a good year.

Our website is up and running well.  We have been keeping it updated on a regular basis.  Since its creation on June 21st, 2013 until August 27th, 2018, the French website was seen by 6,560 people for 10,663 page views.  The English website, created on March 31st, 2015, was seen by 1,570 people for 2,331 page views.  Are these statistics good?  Can we do more to incite  people to visit our website?  These are questions which we should reflect on.

Our Facebook page, created after our Annual General Assembly in 2016, is doing well also.  We have 265 members in our Association to date. Certainly, our Facebook page has helped us recruit new members which has helped us financially.  New members replace retired or deceased ones and this helps us maintain our membership list.  But, we can ask ourselves the same questions regarding our Facebook page as for our website. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Our newsletter, Le Houâllet, is printed by the company ETR in Québec.  I have had several discussions with them regarding the mailing of supplementary copies and the delay which is always involved, especially with the summer issue.  When the F.A.F.Q.  was our printer (but in reality they had it printed   by ETR in Québec) we did not incur these problems.  There is a possible solution, we could open an account with Canada Post for mailing and have the newsletter printed by a printer in La Pocatière, Québec.

At our last rally in 2018 on Île d'Orléans, we had 67 attendees, a nice raise in attendance compared to last year.  Did we get more registrations because we were visiting the area where our ancestor first settled with his first wife and where his first three sons were born? But, we still ask ourselves the same questions every year what is preventing people from attending our annual meetings, the cost, the age majority, etc.)? Next year, we will visit Sorel, more details in the spring and summer 2019 reviews.

We presently have 289 members compared to 294 last year, a loss of 5 members.

Our 289 members are categorized as follows: 168 annual members, 109 lifetime member and 12 corporate members.  We added 19 new members this past year, but we also lost 14 members from our list and 10 members passed away.

Age Groups in the Ouellet-te's of America Association:Age Groups in the Ouellet-te's of America Association:

                   2018 2017
Under 60            34     31
60 to 75              91     89
76 and over        131   138
Not mentionned     21     24
Total                  277   282
Average age          74    74,5

Fabien Ouellet-Roy from Gatineau, Québec is our youngest member, 27 years old.  Our oldest member is Rachel Ouellet-Paquet from Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse, Québec, 97 years old.

On behalf of our administrative counsel and myself, we wish you all a very happy holiday season and, above all, good health for the coming year.

 Roger Ouellet, (Member # 2730)
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