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The 56th gathering of the Association des Ouellette d’Amérique will be held on September 2 and 3, 2023, in Trois-Rivières. Mr. Jean-Yves Ouellet, Trifluvian by adoption, treasurer of the Association, is the organizer of this next event.

The main gathering place, for the reception, supper, lunch, conference and assembly of
the Association will be held at the Travel Lodge in Trois-Rivières.

More information will be communicated to you in the Houâllet summer issue for
accommodation, choice of menu, visits, etc. We can already tell you that there will be a conference on the history of Trois-Rivières, on the presence of Ouellet-te, on the Union Nationale and on the HonorableMaurice Duplessis by Monsieur François Roy, historian.

Trois-Rivières is a city little known to all of us, yet it is full of historic sites, the international capital of paper, the first center of commercial exchanges, museums, the Old Trois-Rivières, restaurants, cafes, bars, parks and all along the St. Lawrence River.
City of Trois-Rivières
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Tourism Trois-Rivières
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