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Distinguished members of the Ouellet-te family:

A  Cardinal:
His Eminence Monsignor Cardinal Marc Ouellet ( La Motte, June 3rd 1944), son of Pierre Ouellet and Graziella Michaud, sulpicien, Director of the Grand Séminaire of Montréal, Archbishop of Québec,(November 2002), Primate of the Catholic Church of Canada,
named Cardinal l(September 28 th 2003).
His motto as Bishop is «May all be one».

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An Archbishop:
Monsignor Gilles Ouellet (Bromptonville, August 14th 1922); p.m.é., Chancellor of the Prelature (1950-1955), general curate of the Daveo district, Philippines  (1955-1957),general Superior of the foreign missions Society of Québec  (1958-1967),Director of missionaries pontifical works  of Canada(1967-1977),Bishop of Gaspe (1968-1973),  Archbishop of Rimouski (1973-1992), President of the Conference of the catholic bishops of Canada,( 1977-1979) : deceased 20-08-2015.

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A  Bishop:
Monsignor André Ouellette (Salem, MA. United States of America, February 4th 1913,- October 11 th 2001, professor at the Saint-Joseph Seminary of  Trois-Rivières, (1938-1948), Superior of the Seminary of Trois-Rivieres ,(1948-1953), Superior of Saint-Joseph Seminary of Trois-Rivières, (1953-1954), Professor at Laval University (1954-1956, auxiliary Bishop of Mont Laurier (1956-1965), Bishop of Mont-Laurier, 1965-1978).

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David Ouellet (Malbaie,1844 Québec’ 1915) son of Edouard Ouellet, farmer and of  Marie Lebel.  David was a sculptor and architect; he constructed and modified more than one hundred Churches  and Presbyteries, working on   many interior decors, more than ten convents and many civic  buildings in the whole east of  Québec .

Joseph-Pierre Ouellet (Saint-Fidèle, 1871-1959), son of Cyrias Ouellet an architect from Kamouraska he was a general contractor on the south shore, in the Eastern Townships and in Charlevoix. Also an Architect,   Joseph--Pierre designed plans for many Churches in Québec. He was President of the Royal Institute of Architects of Canada.

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André Ouellet ( St-Pascal-de Kamouraska, April 6th 1939),lawyer, Deputy of Papineau for the  Liberal Party (1968-1988), also of  Papineau/Saint Michel (1988-1996) in the House of Commons , Minister Of Postal services,(1972-1974), Minister of  Corporations (1974-1976 and 1980-1983), State Minister of Urban Affairs (1976-1978), Minister of Public Works (1983-1984),  Minister of Labour (1978 and 1983-1984), Minister  Of Regional  Economic  Development (1984), Minister of Foreign Affairs (1993-1996), President of Canadian Post Society (1996-).

David Ouellet, businessman  and Insurance Broker.  Deputy of Drummondville-Arthabaska in  the House Of Commons (1962-1963) : deceased 14-09-1972.

Gérard Ouellet, farmer, Deputy of Rimouski  Creditist Party in s the House of Commons.(1963-1965) : born 17-02-1913, deceased 03-04-1975.

Jean-Pierre Ouellet Deputy of Madawaska-les-Lacs , Youth, Sports and Leisure Minister of New-Brunswick, Minister of the" Francophonie "(1974-1978), Minister of Historical and Cultural  Resources for New-Brunswick, Minister of National and International affairs ( 1978-1984), Minister of Education for  New-Brunswick , Minister of Intergovernmental and  International Affairs (1984-1987) : born 21-08-1946.

Joseph-Charles-Ernest Ouellet, (Sainte-Germaine December23rd 1882-January 4th 1952),son of Joseph-Sifroid Ouellet, farmer, and  of Marie Laflamme. Ernest a farmer was the Deputy of Dorchester Liberal Party at the Legislative Assembly (1917-1930), Counselor of the Liberal Party of the La Vallière Division at the Quebec Legislative Assembly (1930-1935), Mayor of Sainte-Germaine (1933-1935).  

Léonce-Ouellet (Hébertville, October 5th 1916- Montréal January 15th 2005), son of Thomas-Louis Ouellet,( entrepreneur and hotelier ) and of Laure Boivin. Leonce also( hotelier entrepreneur) was  the Deputy of " Parti de l’Union Nationale" of Jonquière-Kénogami at the Legislative  Assembly (1956-1960),was President  and Founder of the first Union of office employees  at  Alcan Arvida. (1940-1952).   

Pierre Ouellet ( Saint-Ulric-de-Matane ,July 29th 1882-Baie Comeau July 23rd 1971) son of David Ouellet farmer and of Caroline Ross. He was Deputy of Saguenay Union National Party  at the Legislative Assembly (1948-1960).

Adrien Ouellette (Saint-Joseph-de Beauce February 9th 1940), son of Arthur Ouellette, foreman and of Cécile Fournier. Adrian was Deputy of"Parti Québecois"of Beauce-Nord(1976-1985), Mayor of Saint-Joseph-de Beauce (1968-1976), and Minister of Environment (1982-1985).

Edouard Ouellette(United-States November 6th 1860-Outremont February 2 nd 1931) son of Guillaume-Joachim Ouellette and of Marguerite Bourgon. Adrian farmer and businessman retailing in wood products, he was Deputy of Yamaska Liberal Party at the Legislative Assembly (1905-1923) and Counselor of the Liberal Party Rigaud division at the Legislative Assembly (1923-1931).

Jocelyne Ouellette (Hull, April 6th 1944), daughter of Roland Villeneuve, storekeeper and of Thérèse-Desjardins. Jocelyne was Deputy of Hull Parti Québécois, in 1976. Minister of Public Works and Supplies in René Lévesque cabinet from July 6 th 1977 to April 30 th 1981, Québec Delegate in Ottawa from 1982 to 1986. Founder of the Society VIJO specializing in the business management in 1986. President General Director of the real estate Society of Canada (Mirabel-limited) from 1988 to 1991. Was commissioner of the Federal Commission of Immigration and Statutes of Refugees on May 19 th 1989. Special Counselor to the National Spacel Agency of Canada from 1992. In 1994 she founded "La Société des loteries du Québec "and on December 17 th 1997 she became a member of the Administrative Board.  President of the "Fondation Marcelle-Ferron" since March 5th 1998 : deceased 20-08-2015

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Judges :
Gilles Ouellet(Val-d’Or, 1944) Judge at the Youth  Court (1980).

Albert Ouellette (Montréal, 1927) Lawyer, Judge at the Court of ‘’Sessions-de-la-paix’’(1976-1996).

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A Notary:
Jos Ouellet was the first Notary in Trois-Pistoles in 1816.  Profession that he practiced until 1865.

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Authors :
Fernand Ouellet (Lac Bouchette September 5th 1926 ), Doctor in History, professor and author ,recipient of the David prize (1967) of the medal J.B. Tyrell of the Royal Society of Canada , and  the Literary prize  of Governor  General of Canada .(1976)  First an Archivist then brilliant Historian of International Reputation. He is recognized as one of the most eminent Historians from the second half of the XXth  century . He was awarded many prizes,  amongst them  "le Prix David " (1968) the John A Macdonald. Prize and the Governor General of Canada prize (1977) also the Title of Officer of the Order Of Canada (1978) and the prestigious "Bourse de recherché Killam (1990).

Real Ouellet (Saint-Alexandre-de Kamouraska) , Professor of literature  at the University Laval, specialist of the 17 th and 18th centuries , founder of the ‘’revue Études littéraires ‘’. Director of ‘’collection  au Septentrion’’ and Editor at ‘’Nuit Blanches ‘’.

Fernand Ouellette (Montréal, September 24th 1930), Poet and Essayist, ’Author, recipient of the  France-Québec Prize (1967), the Literary Prize Of the  Governor General Of Canada (1970 (a prize that he refuses but that he is awarded once again in 1985 and in 1987), the  France Canada Prize (1972), the  ‘’Revue Études Françaises’’ Prize (1974), the  Athanase-David Prize (1987), the Ludger-Duvernay Prize (1994), Co-Founder (1959) and Chief Editor (1961) of ‘’La Revue Liberté’. A  Member of the Inquest Commission  on the Teaching of the Arts in Québec (1966-1968),Director of cultural programs on Radio Canada ,Guest Lecturer  at  several Universities.

Francine Ouellette (Montréal, March 11th 1947) Novelist,  recipient of the  France-Québec Prize,( 1986) ,also  a teacher.

Madeleine Ouellette-Michalska ( Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska, May 27th 1930) teacher, journalist,  novelist, poet,’essayist’, literary critic, recipient of the  Literary Prize of the  Governor General of Canada (1981), Molson Prize  of ‘L’Academie canadienne Française (1984) Member of ‘’l’Académie-des-Lettres ‘’of Québec .,Madeleine

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Gérard Ouellet (Windsor ON, August 14th 1934- Lemington ON, June 25th 1975)  Recipient of the  Gold Medal  (rifle shooting prone position) at the Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia (1956), Canadian Champion of sport shooting  , Recipient of a gold medal at the Pan American Games (1959) Member of the Olympic team in 1968.

Stéphane Ouellet, Champion Boxer, born in Jonquière.

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Artists :
Jean-René Ouellet
, born October 15th 1947, Comedian.

Rose Ouellette known as "La Poune (Montréal 1903- September 1996 ), Comedian , Author, Director of Theater Cartier (1928-1936) Director of the  National Theatre (1936-1943) ,Knight of the National Order of Québec (1990).

Jean-Sébastien Ouellet, son of Réjean de Saint Marc-des-Carrières born on June 30th 1970

Antoine Ouellet, musician.

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Others :
René Ouellet, Rector, founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of "Sainte-Marthe".

Marie Anne Ouellet ,Founder of the "Servantes de-Notre-Dame".

Damase Ouellet (1826-1908). Pioneer of "Saint-Damase-de-L’Islet ".

Rose Anna Ouellette, born April 7th 1890 at Valtétreault, daughter of Pierre Ouellette and of Cédélise Bard. Rose Anna taught the same class for 44 years in Valtétreault . She received from Alexandre Taché a letter from the Department of Public Institution of Québec issuing her the first degree of the Order of Merit Scholar as well the Honour Diploma and Decoration of that Order. To have taught the same class for 44 years denotes devotion, tact, and professionalism out of the ordinary. Miss Ouellette lived at 35  Duhame  Street . She died at the age of 80 on November 6 th 1970. She was buried at the" Notre-Dame de Hull" cemetery.

Ouellet,J.H.(1901-1966) , Longueuil city Counselor from 1953-to 1955..Merchant of wood products on Saint-Charles Street, near Quinn Boulevard and next to the ancient "Taverne du Roi  He bought that  land in 1931 . He was President of the Longueuil Chamber of Commerce in 1941, and member of the Executive  Committee  of "Club Lemoyne.  Lifetime  member of the Canadian Club of Montréal and the  club Renaissance of Québec  Knight of Colombus. He  was a member of the Conservative Party . He also owned farms in Maine USA and in Saint-Jean-Port- Joli where he raised Hereford cattle. He was the son of Léon Ouellet and Zéline Caron and was born at Saint-Damase-de-L’Islet.                                                                                                                                     

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